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Kathy HinkleIf not the oldest, the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky, founded on March 17, 1927, certainly is one of the oldest functioning Democratic women's organizations in the country.

Our group was organized just seven years after the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, when on August 18, 1920, women were given the right to vote.

Laura Clay, one of the founders of the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky, was the first woman nominated for the U.S. presidency by a major political party (at the 1920 Democratic Convention). What a role model!

We need to come together to affirm the rights of women and to preserve the rights of full citizenship for all citizens of this great country."We are honored to have you visit the Democratic Woman's Club website. I personally hope your interest will develop into becoming a member for the purpose of promoting Democratic candidates and our ideas.

Two Board Meetings (Spring and Summer) are held during the year and the Kentucky State Convention is held in the Fall. At Convention and during our meetings we grow by networking with other Democratic sisters. Our goal is to increase participation in elections, foster young people and take advantage of developmental opportunities and community service.

Your interest in this site is indicative that you may want to become a member and get involved in local meetings and activities. Please fill out the online membership application or contact me personally.

I want to thank you if you are already a member. Your membership, involvements and contributions are needed. We thank you for your interest, support, help and contributions that make our club the organization we are and gives us strength and validity.."

The Democratic Creed (recited at Democratic Woman's Club meetings)

I believe in the Democratic Party as the party whose principles work for the best and highest interests of all the people;

I believe with Thomas Jefferson

In equal and exact justice to all men of whatever state of persuasions, religious or political;

In the support of state government in all of their rights;

In the preservation of the general government in its whole constitutional vigor;

And, since government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, I believe in a zealous care of the right of election by the people.

To the upholding of these principles, I pledge my best efforts.

composed by Mrs, John. L. Woodbury

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