The Founding Event

The history of the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky dates back to March 17, 1927, St. Patrick's Day.

On that day, over 500 women assembled at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, to form and charter an organization of state Democratic women.

Their aim: to promote the principles of the Democratic Party in all communities throughout the state in order to reach every voter before election day.

At the time, Kentucky women were new to the game of politics. Only a few women had arrived at positions of importance in the political world to represent them.

First President

Anne Shanks Bourne of New Castle was elected the club's First President. Anne Shanks Bourne was a dynamic mover and shaker of her time – an inspiriing leader from 1927 -1931. She was elected a delegate to the 1924 National Democratic Convention held in New Yor4k and in 1928 she was elected a delegate to the National Democrtic Convention held in Houston, TS. She served on numberous committees at the local, state, and national levels.


Anne Shanks Bourne continued working for the Democratic Party and the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky until her death on July 26, 1958. Today, the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky follows guidlines and formats as set out by our founding mothers.

Quoting from the First Issue of the Democratic Woman's Club Journal dated June 1928, Anne Shanks Bourne stated, "We have just completed the first milestone in our journey of democracy. . .

"Had it occurred to you that this organization is a band of political pioneers seeking a clearing through a wilderness of past endeavor?"
- Anne Shanks Bourne

. . The journey is a difficult one but with faith in our task and dtermination for its accomplishment we are impelled to go on and on until victory is ours."

A Club in every County

A club in each county is still a dream. Clubs come and go – reorganize with renewed strength. Today, as in 1927, the Democratic Woman's Club has received and continues to receive support and encouragement from Democratic men across the Commonwealth, state officials, State Democratic Central Executive Committee, Party Chairs, and officeholders.


On June 1, 1931 the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky affiliated with the Woman's National Democratic Club and today the Kentucky Democratic Woman's Club is a member of the National Federation of Democratic Woman's Clubs.

DWC LogoOur Logo

The official logo of the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky was designed, adopted and copyrighted in 1984. The logo incorporates "A Rose for Womanhood" and "A Rooster for Democratic Strength." Mae Peniston, State President of the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky 1982-84 is responsible for the design of the logo and for compiling the history of the club. For 80 years, Democratic women have continued to serve the Democratic Party through strength, leadership, and commitment to the principles of the Party.

Past Presidents

Ann Shanks Bourne Award Winners

Rose Award Winners

Celebrating our 90th Year

2017 will be the 90th anniversary year for the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky. The Seelbach Hotel has been reserved for March 17th for our celebration. Stay tuned!