Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky Standing Committees and Chairs

Constitution and By-Laws Committee - Diane Wood Chair

Convention Site Committee - Tiffany Miller Chair

Finance Committee - Tiffany Carlson Chair

Handbook Committee - Marti Booth Chair

Hospitality Committee - Dottye Moore Chair

Legislative Committee - Diane Wood Chair

Public Relations Committee - Sharron Belcher Chair

Publications Committee - Kathy Jo Stubblefield Cathi Wells Journal Chair Newsletter Chair

Scholarship Committee - Estelle Bayer Chair

Ways and Means Committee - Charlene Greer Chair


Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky Special Committees and Chairs

Advisory Committee - Susan Campbell Chair

Awards and Recognition Committee - Judy Campbell Chair

Chaplain Committee - Romanza Johnson Chaplain/Inspirational Leader

Convention Contests Committee - JoAnne Bland Chair

Election Committee - Susanna French Chair

Historian and Archives Committee - Sandy Woodward Chair

Membership Committee - Virginia Johnson Chair

Resolutions Committee - Patty Cundiff Chair

Rules Committee - Pat Butcher Chair

Social Media Committee - Judy Shackelford Chair