2017 Nominating Form -
Anne Shanks Bourne Award, Rose Award, Superstar Award

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Club Presidents:

Complete all items and send to the State Awards Committee Chair - Judy M. Campbell, 1720 Stonehaven Dr., Frankfort, KY 40601. Nominations must be postmarked NO LATER THAN JULY 1st (unless altered by the Club State President).

Each club may submit one nomination to honor an outstanding Kentucky Democratic Woman. (Nominee does not have to come from club's particular district nor be a club member). Nominees not selected in one year may be resubmitted the following year. These prestigious awards are not automatically given each year. All nominations will be reviewed and criteria weighed by Awards Committee for a final decision. If candidates are selected, the Awards will be presented at the Annual Convention.

In 2016, the inaugural Superstar Award was presented. This award goes to the outstanding Democrat woman who has exceeded all the club could ask - either run for state office, received high state or national awards, worked beyond the state level for the betterment of club ideals.

The Awards Committee shall determine if the entries shall be for the Anne Shanks Bourne Award (statewide achievement) or for the Rose Award (local involvement and achievement), or for the Superstar Award (for an outstanding level of success above club involvement). This committee meets annually at the Summer State Board Meeting.

Awards Committee is one selected representative from each of the six DWCK/Legislative districts. Judy Campbell, Chair, 502-695-3891