Sample Bylaws

Article I Name

Article II Object

Article III Membership

Article IV Officers and Elections

Article V Executive Board

Article VI Duties of Officers

Article VII Meetings

Article IX Finances Section

Article X Rules of Order

Article XI Amendments

These descriptions of committee duties can be made
Standing Rules:
1. Program Committee shall be responsible for all programs. These should be varied and in harmony with the purpose of the club and the interest of the members.
2. Membership Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a full membership and securing new members.
3. Publicity Committee shall be responsible for reporting all news and activities of the club, through press, radio and television, and for keeping a scrapbook of publicity clippings.
4. Ways and Means Committee shall devise ways and means of supplementing the budget as necessary. Such plans must be approved by the president and executive board. All funds will be handled by the treasurer, who shall be a member of this committee.
5. Scholarship Committee shall organize and manage the competition to select the club's candidate for the scholarship given each year by the state club, according to the rules established by the state club.

Sample ByLaws

The sample Bylaws for local clubs are intended as a guide and any changes may be made to conform with local practices, provided, however, that local Bylaws DO NOT conflict with the Constitution of the Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky. Standing Rules may also be adopted to cover such items as committee duties, policies on gift giving, fines, etc., rather than have such items incorporated into the body of the Bylaws. Standing Rules are adopted without previous notice by majority vote. They may be amended or rescinded by 2/3 vote without previous notice. They remain in force until amended or rescinded. Any items in parentheses in these sample Bylaws are suggestions or options and should not be written in.