Sample Officer Installation Ceremony

(Spoken by the installing officer or official - " ")

"Will the newly elected officers please come forward to be installed? Please align in the following order: President, Vice President9s0, Secretary, and Treasurer

(The installing officer directs the following to the newly elected officers)

"The Democratic Women of ______________________________ have duly elected you to office; thus its members have indicated their trust in you to serve faithfully and inspiringly as their leaders.

"___________________________, as President, it is your responsibility to preside at all meetings and to provide club leadership.

"___________________________, as (First, etc.)Vice President, you must be prepared at all times to preside or perform other duties of the president in her absence, in addition to those specific duties assigned to you.

"___________________________, as Secretary, it is your duty to attend all meetings and to keep accurate minutes as a permanent record for the club.

"___________________________, as Treasurer, you assume custody of the funds of this club. It is your duty to assure financial stability by keeping accurate accounts and by reporting regularly to the membership.

(If desired, insert the Kentucky Creed, or the American's or the Democratic Creed.)

"Believing deeply in the principles of the Democratic Party laid down by Thomas Jefferson, the father of the Democratic Party and of Andrew Jackson, on whose sage wisdom we still lean, our club participates in democratic government and supports the Democratic Party which has long been the benefactor all classes.

"Do you as officers of the Democratic Woman's Club of ________________________ promise to uphold the constitution of the Kentucky Democratic Woman's Club, and to strive to educate others concerning the Democratic Party of Kentucky?

"Will you try to the best of your ability to carry out your assigned duties as officers and encourage participation of others in the activities of the club and the party?

" Do you pledge to support the Democratic Party on the local, state, and national level and to uphold the precepts and principles of the Democratic Party?

(All officers should answer - "I do")

(The installing officer directs the following to the membership assembled)

"Do you as members of this organization pledge your support of, and cooperation with, these officers?

(All members, including officers should answer - "We do")

"Will the officers and the members repeat after me the Kentucky Creed?

(The installing officer directs the following to the newly elected officers)

"You are individuals thoughtfully selected for your offices and I know you will work unselfishly to uphold the best in our government and in this club.

"I now pronounce you duly installed officers of the Democratic Woman's Club of ______________________ and wish you every success in your new duties. Congratulations."

(The officers hould be advised to face the members of the club at this point for photos, congratulations, etc.)

[This installation can be used as written, or shortened by using only those parts best suited to your club. The installing offer/official should feel free to delete, adopt, and add her/his own thoughts.]