CLUB PRESIDENTS: Complete questions 1 through 16 by checking each requirement your club has met. For the 100% MERIT AWARD, the first 8 requirements MUST be met and at least three (3) from numbers 9 through 17 must be met.
Answer based on the activities of your local club for the past twelve months, from September 1st to August 31st.
RETURN TO: Chair, Handbook Committee
1. Does your club have a CURRENT State handbook? 10 Points ________
2. Did your club send name of the new president, with address, zip code and telephone number to STATE PRESIDENT, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY AND TREASURER? 10 Points ________
3. Did the club pay its per capita before June 30? 10 Points ________
4. Did your club hold at least 6 meetings, with publicity on at least 3 of the meetings? (Enclose publicity with this Score Card.) 10 Points ________
5. Are you sending a list of programs held and speakers your club had during the year with this Score Card? 10 Points ________
6. Does the club president (or alternate, if she is unable) plan to attend the Kentucky Democratic Woman's Club Convention? 10 Points ________
7. Did your club purchase or sell at least one (minimum business card size) in the up-coming Convention Journal? 10 Points ________
8. Did your club participate in State fund raising activities? 10 Points ________
9. Did your club participate in Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky state fundraising activities? List those activities. 10 Points ________
10. Did your club have a Voter Registration Drive, or participate in a community/civic project including publicity, if any? (Submit publicity or brief report with Score Card.) 10 Points ________
11. Did your club have a Membership Drive with five percent (5%) increase in membership? (Clubs with 100 or more members are only required to have a 2% increase.) 10 Points ________
12. Are you submitting a copy of your club by-laws with your Score Card? 10 Points ________
13, Did you or a member pick up newsletters at each board meeting? 10 Points ________
14, Between the primary and general elections, did youar club support the Democratic candidates<s> either through participation in activities or with financial support? 10 Points ________
15, Did your club nominate or sponsor a participant, or donate at least $100 to Emerge Kentucky? 10 Points ________
16, Did your club host a state board meeting? 15 Points ________
17, Did your club make a donation to State Headquarters? 10 Points ________
  Maximum Points 175
  Club Name:

Signature of President:

Phone Number (best):

Certificate of Merit for Local Clubs

Clubs filling out the form and scoring 100 points or more will be recognized with a Certificate of Merit at the DWCK Annual Convention.

Duplicate the scorecard included in the handbook or print the form from the DWCK web site to submit your entry.

Send a list of newly elected officers to STATE PRESIDENT, STATE TREASURER, AND STATE HANDBOOK CHAIR, within ONE MONTH after your election. Include mailing and email addresses, to include zip codes, telephone numbers and your district number.

Club dues ($2 per capita) are to be mailed to STATE TREASURER before June 30, with a complete listing of club members, their addresses, zip codes and telephone numbers. If your club is newly organized, dues are payable within one month to the STATE TREASURER, after receiving the club charter.

Deadline for submission of Scorecard is Postmark August 31.