Tips for Club Presidents

1. Study your club bylaws. Know the duties of all officers and committee chairs. Be sure they know their duties and understand routine procedures they must follow.
2. Call a meeting of your officers and invite their suggestions.
3. Appoint your committee chairs thoughtfully and carefully, remembering that these positions are the best training ground for future leadership. Program, publicity, membership, ways and means, and scholarship are committees which are basic to your club.
4. Help your chairpersons choose committee members, and encourage them to call meetings of their committees regularly. Discourage them from bringing unresolved matters to the floor in general meetings, or board meetings.
5. Adopt a budget for routine expenses, such as postage, printing, etc.
6. Brush up on Robert's Rules of Order for basic parliamentary procedures.
7. Get acquainted with your County Chairperson and other Democratic officials in your county. Ask them how the club can help them, and how you can work together for a stronger Party.
8. Call board meetings regularly, for prior discussion of matters to be brought before the membership and for general planning.
9. Send officers' names and addresses immediately after the election to President DWCK; report to her on activities; ask for advice or help if needed.
10. Have interesting programs and speakers each meeting and use Tips for a Successful Meeting to enhance your term.
Congratulations! You are now the public symbol of your club, the chief organizer of all activities, arbitrator of all disputes, builder of morale, source of inspiration, and liaison officer all other Party organizations and individuals. We offer some tips from others who have "been there."

Good Luck!